Transportation, retail, services, logistic, discover some of the fields of use of clyd Mobile Device Management solution


Transportation: Track, control and secure a fleet in real time

The transport and delivery industry must revolutionize its functioning to satisfy its ever-increasing number of customers and increase productivity, especially through the dematerialization of documents: delivery notes, proof of delivery … available via a tablet or smartphone.

CLYD provides management, mass deployment and monitoring of mobile application solutions. CLYD ensures the centralized management of the mobile fleet, the security of the system environment, geolocation, and the distribution of applications and updates.
Use case:
  • Carriers
  • Distribution: online seller, office supplies, home delivery
  • Postal operators
  • Pharmaceutical distributors


Retail: In store mobility for an optimized customer experience

The digitalization of point of sales is at the heart of the retailers’ strategy. Mobility brings productivity gains, an Omni-channel shopping experience and new services, whether it is on the sales floor and back office or in a warehouse.

CLYD facilitates the digital projects of point of sale networks (retail) thanks to functions such as administration and securing of mobile devices, remote update of devices/applications, and remote control access to the device itself.
Use case:
  • Cashing and mobile payment
  • Equipment for vendors / sales support solutions
  • Purchasing assistance solution
  • Inventory management by Infra-red and RFID technology


Services: A mobile and secure working environment

The service industry is changing fast, and to be effective, its actors must be more responsive and provide real-time traceability to their customers. Equipping their mobile employees (Field Service Management) with digital solutions (smartphones, tablets) helps them respond to these new challenges.

CLYD enables IT departments to manage and secure remote device fleets thanks to its kiosk functions (restricting terminal access to authorized applications and parameters only), workspace management, remote distribution/update of applications, geolocation/geofencing, etc.
Use case:
  • Maintenance technicians
  • Quality manager
  • Controllers
  • Home help services

Logistic: Supply chain optimization

The deployment of high-performance mobile solutions is a necessity for companies wishing to improve their order picking processes and the productivity of their operators.

CLYD meets these challenges by providing security for warehouse devices and/or voice picking. CLYD reduces handling errors through a kiosk mode, providing the employee with access only to the applications and settings necessary for his job. It also automates the delivery of business application and operating system (firmware) updates.

Use case:
  • Order preparation
  • Inventory management / inventories


Sales force: Mobility at the heart of customer relations

The mobile tool is a key element for sales teams who need to have up-to-date customer and marketing information available to them at all times in order to increase their efficiency and productivity.

CLYD EMM optimizes the work of the sales forces by ensuring the compliance of their hardware (tablets, laptops, smartphones) and the availability of the right versions of commercial tools: file synchronization, presentations and document databases, secure access to authorized websites, installation and update of business applications...

Use case:
  • Mobile sales representatives
  • External/outsourced sales forces

Education: Teaching in the digital age

The education sector is in the midst of a digital transition, through the use of tablets as a pedagogical tool.

CLYD software solutions are perfectly adapted to this type of use, and provide protection to students by securing and locking down devices (whitelist/blacklisting online content and applications; restricted access to settings; blocking downloads ...) while offering specific work profiles (kiosk, management educational applications, ...)