What’s new in CLYD V.5

Telelogos releases Version 5 of CLYD, its Enterprise Mobility Management software.

What's new in CLYD V.5

Implementation of geofencing profiles, new intent/command (Android) features, integration with ZEBRA devices…. Many functions have been added to this new version 5.0 of CLYD software.

ZEBRA CLYD Telelogos Enterprise Mobility Management softwareZebra Devices

CLYD software now includes new advanced features on ZEBRA devices:

  • Remote control
  • Creation of Mobility Extension (MX) profiles
  • Hardware inventory: add version information (patch, MX, battery charge cycle)

Kiosks CLYD Enterprise Mobility Management software


Via drag and drop, it is possible to put all available items on to a kiosk (applications, widgets, files…) within the same Android group.

The new “Message” widget is used to display information visible on the device as a pop-up (emergency number, internal communication…). This message can incorporate certain variables such as the IP address of the device, its location…

Intent/Command feature

New intent and command functions have been added to CLYD. They can be used within processes, kiosks or WorkSpace. It is possible to launch an intent/command to:
  • Trigger an application activity
  • Trigger an action
  • Trigger a system command 

Geofencing profiles

Geofencing profiles CLYD Enterprise Mobility Management

The new geofencing profiles by CLYD allows remote monitoring of the position and movements of devices. After defining one or several zones in which a device is supposed to be located, the administrators are directly notified in the event of a device exiting a zone. Actions can be set up and triggered to secure data on the out of zone device: lock/reinitialize (Wipe) the device; wipe an application's data; disable/uninstall an application; execute a command

In addition, it is now possible to display the itinerary of a device for a given period, in the form of a straight line or precise tracking (tracking requires additional license).

New device managements actions 

Device management CLYD Enterprise Mobility Management software TelelogosNew actions are available from the CLYD web console and are accessible from the list of devices or directly in the device info form:

  • Reboot of the device
  • Activating/deactivating an application
  • Lock unlock a device
  • Geolocation request for a device
Through processes, app installations have been simplified with a new “Application distribution” task. This task allows to synchronize the APK, and to postpone the app installation to a fixed date or at the reboot of the device.

Mobility for business Telelogos CLYD Enterprise Mobility Management softwareThe Telelogos team will present the V.5 of its Mobile Device Management software CLYD during the “Mobility for Business” event, from the 1st to the 3rd of October, Porte de Versailles in Paris, Booth C8-D8. Discover the new features of the software through live-demos over the three days of the show.