Telelogos launches version 5.1 of CLYD

Telelogos launches version 5.1 of it's Mobile Device Management software CLYD

CLYD Mobile Device Management software version 5.1 new features

Telelogos launches version 5.1 of it's Mobile Device Management software CLYD. Many evolutions are available with this version 5.1.


Android 10 Support

Android MDM software

CLYD Mobile Device Management version 5.1 allows administrators to manage devices running Android 10.

Android Enterprise program - Fully Managed mode (COBO) support

Google's Android Enterprise program makes it easy to deploy Android devices in business environments. It standardizes the management of Android devices from different manufacturers. 
In CLYD, you can manage your Android Enterprise devices in two ways: Already compatible with "Dedicacted Devices - COSU" mode (Locking by a kiosk of the company's devices to certain features for dedicated use), the new version of CLYD software supports the "Fully Managed - COBO" mode. 
This management mode allows access to the office and total control over applications and data on company-owned terminals used exclusively for work. and the deployment of security policies.

Android Enterprise Enrolment

CLYD version 5.1 software allows the enrolment of Android Enterprise devices in NFC, QRcode or Samsung KME mode and thus completes the zero-touch and EMM token enrolment already present in the previous version.

Devices life cycle management

CLYD 5.1 offers the possibility to assign a status to each device: production, stock, maintenance, lost, not repairable, none. Each of these statuses can be linked to an action: suspend, deactivate, put into operation, none. Administrators can thus manage the life cycle of each terminal in their fleet.

MDM software CLYD version 5.1 - more information

Kiosk mode evolutions, device compliance, data visualization and devices information feedback, many other evolutions are available with the version 5.1 of the Mobile Device Management software CLYD .
To discover them, attend a web demo or test the software.


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