Sergent Major digitalizes its points of sale with CLYD

Sergent Major chose CLYD and MediaContact solutions to remotely manage in-shop tablets, as well as administer and synchronize POS systems.
The GPE Group (Groupe Générale Pour l’Enfant) is a major player in children’s fashion and babywear. The three brands of the group – SERGENT MAJOR, NATALYS and DU PAREIL AU MÊME – comprise more than 1,000 shops worldwide, including 600 in France. 
GPE Group’s IT manager chose Telelogos solutions CLYD and MediaContact to remotely manage in-shop tablets, as well as administer and synchronize POS systems

Enterprise Mobility Management: 600 tablets managed with CLYD

More than 600 Honeywell tablets were deployed in shops to assist salespeople, manage discounts, receive packages and take photos. The IT department uses CLYD for the remote administration of fleet devices via a simple web interface. 
Accessible through any Internet browser, the solution enables technical teams to keep the entire fleet operational using functions such as monitoring, remote distribution, etc. They can also view the status of the fleet using customizable dashboards. The kiosk function integrated into the software ensures security by preventing any given device from accessing apps that have not been authorized by the IT manager.

Synchronizing POS Systems and business data: over 800 POS Systems administered with MediaContact

The synchronization of 800 cash registers and business data is achieved using MediaContact. The solution ensures the automation and security of all data exchanges between each point of sale and the central back office.  
MediaContact provides the IT manager with high-performance tools to quickly resolve everyday operating issues:
“On the first day of the summer sales we suffered an outage on the servers processing bank cards in London. It meant we had to change the IP address of these servers for all our payment devices. A MediaContact process enabled us to update these addresses across our entire network in less than ten minutes,” says shop IT manager Sylviane Colin, giving an example.

A single platform for managing all payment devices

The solutions for Enterprise Mobility Management (CLYD) and POS System management and synchronization (MediaContact) are connected to the same technical platform: MediaContact backoffice. The powerful platform provides the necessary tools to manage all point of sales devices (POS, tablets, smartphones, devices, screens…) on a single technical infrastructure. 
“CLYD and MediaContact are competitive high-tech, quality software developed in France. They are particularly suited to my work digitizing the group’s entire network of shops. 
It’s a unique tool which provides us with all the services we need: secure and automated synchronization of business data, administration of apps and payment devices, and management of tablets and mobile devices.”
Sylviane COLIN, 
Shop IT manager, GPE