AFTRAL: Over 1,000 devices managed and secured with CLYD

Secure the use of 1,000 Android tablets used by the AFTRAL trainers and their trainees.

AFTRAL is the leading organization for initial and ongoing professional training in Transport and Logistics in France and in Europe, with 100 centers throughout the metropolitan area and overseas, more than 2,000 employees, including 1,000 trainers who all have experience in Transport Logistics, 44 training centers and 24 schools.

More than 1 000 devices for trainers and learners managed with CLYD

More than 1,000 Android tablets are used daily by AFTRAL trainers and their trainees. Trainers use tablets to enliven their training sessions, but also to evaluate trainees during their certification phase. Tablets are also available for learners, giving them access to training material (web software or embedded application). These Android tablets are managed and secured with the Enterprise Mobility Management software CLYD.

Tablets which are secured, updated and dedicated to professional use

AFTRAL’s IT manager chose Telelogos’ CLYD solution to administrate and secure the use of its fleet of devices. The kiosk function, integrated into the software, ensures security by locking devices down to only those applications authorized by the IT manager. Thus, trainers and learners have a secure work environment dedicated to their activity. CLYD also allows business application updates in a completely transparent way for users, who benefit from an up-to-date tool without being disturbed in their daily tasks. Finally, thanks to the customizable dashboard, AFTRAL’s IT manager has control and real-time vision over the status of its fleet of tablets: installed application versions, connections, updates, …

Centralize the management of hundreds of tablets

« CLYD allows us to centralize the management of our fleet of devices. We have now the possibility to administrate the entire fleet and manage these devices. Its strength is to secure tablets via a totally closed kiosk. The proximity of Telelogos’ teams is a real plus, they are reactive agents and are able to answer our requests ».