Mobile Device Management software

Manage and secure your devices

CLYD is a Mobile Device Management software allowing organizations to administrate, manage and secure devices

Mobile Device Management software

Through its intuitive interface, CLYD lets you create, locked down areas containing a selection of authorized content for a group of devices. It also allows you to make hardware and software inventories, deploy and update Android apps on your managed devices, remotely control them…

The Mobile Device Management software CLYD is available in license purchase mode (On-premise) and Rental mode (Software as a Service).

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Google EMM - Android Enterprise 

Android Enterprise Telelogos MDMThe Mobile Device Management software CLYD, is approved by Google and compatible with Android Enterprise Recommended devices 

This program allows enterprises to choose from a list of verified MDM/EMM software that meet the elevated enterprise requirements validated by Google. With Android Enterprise Recommended, companies can enjoy consistent deployment, management and user features that make it easier to deploy, scale and support Android. Android Enterprise Recommended helps to cut down on support costs and spend less time deploying and servicing devices.
With CLYD, you can manage your Android Enterprise devices in two ways:
  • Dedicated device (COSU): Locking of the company's devices with a kiosk to certain functions for dedicated use.
  • Fully Managed (COBO): Desktop access and full control over devices" applications and data belonging to the company, used exclusively for work and the deployment of security policies.
Common to both modes: devices are provided by the company and fully controlled by the administrator.

More information about CLYD & Android Enterprise

Kiosk MDM Mobiel Device Management

Kiosk mode

  • Mobile Device Management SoftwareCustomizable pages (title, wallpaper, page names, number of pages ...)
  • Blacklist/whitelist apps
  • Unlimited number of authorized apps
  • Authorize or block app activity windows
  • Prevent end user changing the device settings
  • Password protected kiosk
  • Private browser
  • Block address/search bar
  • Blacklist/whitelist domains or URLs
  • Block navigation buttons
  • Browser Full Screen Mode
  • Available for smartphones, tablets and other devices, running Android 5.0 and above

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Dashboard Logiciel MDM

Device Management

  • CLYD dashboard allows to know instantly the state of your fleet of devices, connections and deployment statistics…
  • Thanks to hardware and software inventories, CLYD allows to precisely know the state of your devices 
  • Geolocation: periodicity of postion statements, time slots of the statements...
  • Geofencing with the possibility to trigger actions in case of leaving the zone: Send email, execute commands / Lock, wipe / Application : clear data, disable,uninstall
  • Device monitoring: terminal start/stop, battery level, memory, CPU load, network levels... 
  • Remote control of devices
  • Trigger actions on devices: Restart / Geolocate / Lock/ Unlock / Activate/deactivate an application / Send a message 

application management MDM

Device Update - Apps Management

  • Deployment of in house/playstore application to one or more groups of devices 
  • Apps installation and update
  • Silent deployment on devices
  • Access control to the Playstore
  • Configuration management and permissions of Playstore applications

enrolement MDM CLYD

Device enrollment

Devices can be easily enrolled using different methods:
  • EMM token (entering a code on the device to download the agent)
  • QRcode (reading a Qrcode to download the agent)
  • NFC (Configuration of a reference terminal and duplication by NFC)
  • KME or Android Zero touch enrollment which enables large scale deployments across multiple device makers so organizations can mobilize their employees with ease.

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