Services & Sales force


Services: A mobile and secure working environment

The service industry is changing fast, and to be effective, its actors must be more responsive and provide real-time traceability to their customers. Equipping their mobile employees (Field Service Management) with digital solutions (smartphones, tablets) helps them respond to these new challenges.

CLYD enables IT departments to manage and secure remote device fleets thanks to its kiosk functions (restricting terminal access to authorized applications and parameters only), workspace management, remote distribution/update of applications, geolocation/geofencing, etc.
Use case:
  • Maintenance technicians
  • Quality manager
  • Controllers
  • Home help services

Sales force: Mobility at the heart of customer relations

The mobile tool is a key element for sales teams who need to have up-to-date customer and marketing information available to them at all times in order to increase their efficiency and productivity.

CLYD EMM optimizes the work of the sales forces by ensuring the compliance of their hardware (tablets, laptops, smartphones) and the availability of the right versions of commercial tools: file synchronization, presentations and document databases, secure access to authorized websites, installation and update of business applications...

Use case:
  • Mobile sales representatives
  • External/outsourced sales forces

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